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2nd Beat ♫ [Voice/Action]

There sure are a lot of Christmas lights around, aren't there? It's almost to the point where it's kinda hard to sleep with all of the light.

[He laughs a bit, glancing around at the lights nearby. They're kind of nostalgic. Just... not completely nostalgic in a good way. Of course, it is nice to see all of the pretty and cheerful lights around -- especially seeing as how Otonashi hasn't been able to celebrate the holidays in a while -- but he can't help but associate them at least a little bit with some other bad event that had happened in his life. You know, when he was alive. With that, he'll add--]

...Mmm.. Not to be a downer, but... Does anyone consider being here in Luceti a second chance? [He had discussed it with Naoi not that long ago, and it's pretty much just been on his mind ever since. But that's kinda an awkward and depressing subject, so he'll quickly change it.]

...Erm. Never mind. [...] What things do you guys do during the holidays? You know, traditions or just other things in general.

[After giving his voice post, Otonashi can be found walking around the plaza, mainly going holiday "shopping" for his housemates while Yotsuba's doing her own thing. Y'know, whatever shopping you can do in a place where everything is free.

He'll also just partly be looking around at all of the lights and other decorations around. So yeah. Item shop, bakery, wherever. And then he'll just walk on back to CH5.]

1st Beat ♫ [Accidental Video/Action]

[Welp. It's actually been some time since Otonashi arrived in Luceti, though seeing as how he has just woken up in Naoi's bed and got the rundown of the place from him right there... yeah, he didn't really need anymore explanations. Plus he's just been staying inside most of the time, trying to understand what exactly was going on here. I mean... he was just in the afterlife, dead. So what's he doing here? A second chance, maybe...? But even then, the idea of having wings like an angel just keeps throwing him off. Damn it. Figuring that it's probably best to just not dwell on it, he decides to go out and about the village for a bit!

...EXCEPT THEN HE'S RUDELY INTERRUPTED BY HIS HORRIBLE HOUSEMATES goodness you guys! So they'll just be delaying him quite a bit by fighting over who gets to go out to venture around with him, to the point where they're basically yelling at each other and playing tug-of-war with him. You guys are going to snap his arms ughhh. And through the whole scene, his journal just happens to be open, recording the scene! Wow this sucks you guys. Though none of them notice this at all, so...]

D-damn it you guys, this hurts...!

[Just gonna ragequit you guys and leave. Naoi. Yotsuba. Have some home-bonding time, 'kay? 'Kay. So Otonashi, still not noticing the fact that it was recording the whole thing, picks up his journal and leaves.

After then, he can be seen walking around the plaza, doing whatever. Maybe he'll look for some soda. Yeah, that seems like a good idea. Sodaaaa. ...Wow it's cold out. Anyway! Feel free to stop him and chat it up yeaaaah.]

HMD: How's my driving?





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